The journey of food

Year 4 have learnt lots about the digestive system since the beginning of term and they are now planning an adventure story about a piece of food taking a journey through their digestive system. The sights, sounds and smells this piece of food might see, yuk! 

To help their imaginations they have all acted out the journey their piece of food will take. The rest of the class had to guess the problem, what panic was caused and how the problem was finally resolved. 

Drama in PSHE

We were understanding how rewards and consequences motivate people’s behaviour today in PSHE. Each group had a different scenario they had to act out followed by a reward and consequence. They each performed in fron of the rest of the group. Everyone was brilliant and each had their own role. Great teamwork and understanding Year 4! 

Digestive discoveries

Eurgh, oh, ewww were only some of the sounds Year 4 made this afternoon when the largest cow’s tongue appeared from a blue bag. We were all surprised at how large, long, spotty and furry it was. Along with a tongue, we very carefully observed a stomach (tripe), kidney, liver and instestines.

What was your favourite or most disgusting organ and why?

Can a cake be healthy?

This morning we were looking at how healthy our favourite dinners actually are. We discovered tomato sauces rather than cream sauces are much more healthier as we are are getting at least one portion of your five a day. 

We then thought about delicious, yummy puddings. Can these ever be healthy we wondered? So we looked at some cake recipes and adapted the recipes. We decided that all the sugar needed to be removed and replaced with a variety of fruits. 

We haven’t yet tasted them but they looked rather erm, interesting. 

Wow day

Not long now until the first day of Year 4. Just a reminder to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste and a spare tshirt (one that isn’t the end of the world if it gets dirty).

Looking forward to seeing you all for our wow day!