Despite Storm Eleanor blowing a gale, Year 4 very enthusiastically went outside to find out what children did for fun nearly a thousand years ago. They were absolutely brilliant. They all had a go and worked to the best of their ability and the coaches were really impressed.

Pottage Stew

This morning, we found out what made up a healthy plate of food and where ingredients that would make up a Pottage Stew might have grown or be hunted in the year of 1066. We then safely prepared our vegetables and cooked them in a large pot for 1 hour. 

Eating like a Norman isn’t so bad, would you agree Year 4?


‘Are animals happier in a zoo than the wild?’ was the question of the day today in P4C. It lead to a very in depth discussion with some very strong views and opinions being shared and debated. Year 4, what are your views and did anyone change your mind? 

Quick Stick Hockey 

Tomorrow, Year 4 are going to play Quick Sticks hockey. Please can all Year 4’s bring a water bottle and their outdoor PE Kit. This should include trainers and jogging bottoms. If your child owns a pair of shin pads can these also be brought in too.

Look back tomorrow too see how we got on at the Quick Stick Hockey event. 

Anglo Saxon workshop

What a fantastic introduction to the Anglo Saxons! Year four was introduced to who the Anglo Saxons were, why they came to Britain and what they did here. They were also shown some extremely fragile artefacts and replicas to observe and study. 

Year four, please write in the comments about this workshop. What did you learn? Did anything surprise you? What were the artefacts and described what they looked liked.